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Who Says Women Don’t Love Being On Top

This is a very exciting week for all of us in the Femdom community. I hope all the Dommes, Pro-Dommes, Queens, Fem Tops, and Mistresses are getting their wardrobes ready for all the fun tomorrow and Saturday night. Female domination is taking over the city of Portland this week.

Tomorrow night, Mistress Viola, hosts her monthly event, 50 Shades of STFU, at Sanctuary starting at 8pm, and a door fee of $10/person. This event goes until 1:30, and REQUIRES a DRESS CODE. No cis males will be allowed to enter the venue. Tomorrow’s theme is the Easter holiday (“Jesus, eggs or whatever”) and includes an egg hunt. Please note, there are no tastings at this event, and works as an excellent meet and greet for Fem Tops and solo subs.

For more details: see our calendar

Or the venue:

Or the Fetlife Group for the event:

On Saturday, April 27, the Rose City Domme group is hosting The Spring WIP! at Catalyst, starting at 7pm, and door fee of $20 ($15 advance purchase)/person. This event goes until 12:30am and benefits a Women and Children’s Program. The WIP! is a Power-exchange/ BDSM dungeon party, with tastings and all experience levels welcomed. Again, dominate males are asked to check that at the door when they enter because females clearly lead this show.

For more details: see the venue

Or the Fetlife Group for the event:

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