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Michael Love by Michael Love

If you’re anything like me, the holidays can be a very difficult time. I love my partners, and always struggle to figure out what to get them for Christmas. I can always go with the usual… jewelry, or chocolates, and I probably will go with those, but what if you want to do something a bit… sexier?

We have compiled a small list of ideas to add a little Christmas spice under your tree. Whether you’re looking for fun in the bedroom with someone special, a fun activity with friends, or maybe you’re looking for some new connections… we have the perfect gift ideas for you!

Give her the gift of a lifetime of mind blowing orgasm’s by getting her a special toy. Not just any toy… cheap toys wear out and break, give her a quality toy that will last a long, long time. The Womanizer toys are a new discovery for our staff and probably our favorite toys of the year. The Womanizer delivers mind blowing, climb the walls, scream until you see stars orgasms, by using what they call “Pleasure Air Technology.” These little gems provide light sucking pressure that also pulses in a very gratifying way that will have you writhing in clitoral orgasms almost immediately. Check out our reviews of the Womanizer Pro40 and the Womanizer Starlet.

If you want a more interactive toy, you have some fun options…The We-Vibe has a full lineup of vibrating toys in many different shapes and configurations that connect to your phone via We-Connect. We-Connect allows you to interact when you’re apart by allowing your partner to control the mode and intensity, all while video chatting, so you can get that experience that is the next best thing to being there.

If you want a really fun, more connected experience, but still hands free. Check out the wide assortment of bluetooth and remote control vibrators on the market. Remote control vibrators can be fun because you have the ability to use them in private, but you also have the ability to use them in public. A lot of remote control vibrators are either inserted, or lay in panties that your partner wears. This means that she can wear it out in public while you have control of the vibrator. This can be a fun experience no matter where you are. Imagine giving her a little buzz anytime you like… in the grocery store, in a restaurant, walking down the street. She will be thinking about you all day long! Our staff poked around online and found the Screaming O My Secret Charged Remote Control Vibrating Panties, with a discrete wearable ring remote control, for you to check out, but there are also plenty of other similar devices out there.

If you want a bit more power from your toys, and are looking for a more fun role-playing experience, check out the Drilldo! The Drilldo, is a series of attachments that can be attached to any household drill. Similar to those that can be attached to a reciprocating saw, these instead spin for a totally different experience! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most can be attached to a flat surface by means of a suction cup if you don’t want to use the drill. For the full construction worker experience we recommend the 6pc Deluxe Drilldo Set that actually comes with a handheld drill, two lifelike attachments, a construction vest and goggles, for the ultimate in Safe Sexy Drilling! If you prefer the thrusting action of a reciprocating tool, Drilldo also has you covered with the Drilldo Thrust. You can find a variety of Drilldo products for a limited time at any Taboo Video location in Portland or Vancouver

Monthly subscription boxes are the whole new rage. You can get monthly subscription boxes for your pets, for your kids, for your crafts… The list goes on and on. Did you know that you can get monthly subscription boxes that are sexy in nature also? There is a wide variety from many different companies that offer lots of different products in all varieties of quality and prices. Check out companies like Fantasy Box, Unbound Box, and Spicy Subscriptions for ideas that you can explore and customize to give your partner the sexy experience they’ll want all year long. Most have price options that start very reasonably $20-$30, and some of them offer more expensive boxes that have higher quality brand-name toys and products.

If you’re looking for something a little more sensually connected, you should check out the Weekender Kit from With it’s smalltravel size package, it is perfect for spontaneous romance at home or on the go. It includes kissable body treats in a variety of flavors and a sexy feather tickler to tease and please with. It’s even travel sized small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, for your intimate fun on the go.

Perhaps you want something that’s a bit more sensual, and long-lasting. Back in February, Clark and Aurora introduced us to the “Love is Art” kit. The Love is Art Kit is a fun, artistic, and creative project, where you are given all of the supplies to create a piece of sensual art. You lay a canvas down on the floor and then you and your partner cover yourselves in paint and use your bodies to create art. This can be an exciting and fun, sensual experience that is immortalized in the art of your creation. They also sell kits where you can attach it to a frame to hang on your wall and only you and your partner will know the story behind the creation.

Image courtesy of Lovelines Photo

Speaking of immortalizing your sensuality, you should consider buying your partner a sexy and intimate boudoir shoot. Hiring a professional photographer such as Lovelines or Beyond Boudoir, or someone else who specializes in intimate photography will yield beautiful results that you will cherish for a lifetime. Those photos can be used on adult websites… such as to put your best foot forward for connecting with other couples or individuals. Most photographers also provide products such as large canvas prints, keepsake prints, and intimate photo books where you can keep keep your memories discreetly hidden from view of family and friends.

Perhaps you and your partner have been curious about connecting with people, but don’t really know how or haven’t really had the opportunities to meet other like-minded people? Maybe life has become mundane, you never get out, and you’re looking for a sexy place to go hang out? Check out the local private adult clubs in Portland, that offer unique sexy atmospheres and not only allow, but encourage sexy behavior. Imagine a place where you can go to mix and mingle, drink, eat, socialize, and dance… and then later, if the mood strikes you, go off and find adventure in one of many private or “not so private” play spaces. Clubs like Club Privata, and The Velvet Rope in Portland Oregon, and The Sapphire Club in Seattle, are great examples of clubs that you can visit for a sexy night out on the town, that could potentially end in a sexy night between the sheets… Perhaps even with someone other than your partner. Even if you’re not looking to connect with someone outside of your relationship, all of these locations offer a fun, sexy environment to just be with the person you brought. Be sure to check out their websites for details.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you choose a gift that your partner will enjoy, a gift that shows that you put some thought into their likes, and that you want them to have the best experience they can have with you in mind.

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