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Temptation of the Month Casting Call

Sometimes the best laid plans…

We’re planning a sweethearts special issue in February, and we had a couple all lined up for it, and they have backed out. We even had a backup plan and it looks like they cannot do it either.

We are looking for a couple to be our February Temptation. Being a Temptation is a very public thing. We will be doing a sexy shoot with you, most likely some nudity… we want it to be steamy and sultry… but we also want some clothed shots of you just being you… While we recommend not using your real name, search engines are way too effective these days, we cannot completely hide your identity… we expect our Temptations to be the face of the magazine for the month they are featured. We will want you to attend our distribution and meet and greet event at Club Privata at First Thursday so our readers can meet and greet with you and get your autograph and possibly a photo-op. Its kind of your chance to be in the spot light for a day, and it is a lot of fun.

Being a Temptation isn’t compensated other than you get copies of the images we create and you can use and print them anywhere you like, AND you get a complimentary copy of your issue. The couple we choose for our February issue will also get the posterity of being the first couple featured in our magazine.

If you are interested in being considered please fill out the application below, and we will contact you. We are looking to get this started immediately so please don’t hesitate. We will be making our selection very soon, and getting your shoot and interview scheduled within the first week of January.

If you are applying for one of our special issues, please select the appropriate response. If you are not selected for the special issue, we may choose you for one of our standard issues. You MUST apply for a special issue in order to be considered for that issue.
If you don’t already have a stage name you will want one. Google is too efficient. You don’t want these photos coming up on a google search of your birth name.

Physical Attributes

Prior modeling experience is not a requirement.
We are body positive, and accept all body types, We just want to get a look at who you are, and what we can expect.
We embrace body positivity and diversity! We do not choose models based on body type, but we do want to see acceptance and presence. Not everyone has the camera presence to be photographed for a Temptation shoot… but it is good for all of us to know what we’re going into ahead of time.
All PDXScene Magazine models are required to be over the age of 21 before shooting with us. As such we are required to check your ID as part of the clearing process required by federal law. For your personal security you may obscure all items on your photo ID ***EXCEPT*** your photo, your full name, your date of birth and your ID Number.
Our photography tends to be sexy and seductive and that does often times include nudity. Please consider this question very carefully. We will select our models based on their comfort level, but we don’t want anyone to have regrets about their decision… please respond with the answer you are certain you can be comfortable with.
This information helps me in post processing
In some cases we may be able to help with wardrobe
In some cases we may be able to help with wardrobe
In some cases we may be able to help with wardrobe
This is your opportunity to impress… We put a LOT of weight in this part of the application. Please take a moment to tell us a bit about you, your story, a funny anecdote, what makes you unique, how you think you might inspire our readers, and reach our fan base.

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