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Pride at OMSI

SweetQueen by Sweet Queen

The last time I visited OMSI, a couple months ago, the vibes were very different than the stereotypical buzz of families making noise. The all adult crowd was drinking, dancing, doing puzzles, eating ice cream bars, and everyone was wearing their prom dresses. That was OMSI’s After Dark dance party, Promsi. OMSI is no longer synonymous with science projects and inquisitive children. These days they have aimed themed nights towards the community. Portland is known for its unique nightlife, so it’s really no surprise that OMSI would have their own dance party after dark. This month, their After Dark event is presenting a celebration unlike any other they’ve done before, as they host “Pride at the Museum,” on June 14, 19 (6-10pm), and despite their usual trend to keep these nights for adults only, this event is kid/family friendly and inclusive of any allies interested in attending.

I think it’s encouraging that OMSI is sharing their science and venue with the community to promote human diversity. I have a friend who has worked at OMSI for nearly 24 years, she gets paid to sleep in the halls or inside the submarine to keep the premises secure, and her excitement about OMSI’s first Pride event ever is echoed in her statement, “It’s going to be awesome,” she explained there will be a lot going on, including drag queens doing science!

Check out OMSI and their LGBTQ+ community celebration details on their website ( I cannot imagine a more creative and inventive way to be inclusive of all members of the community.

Pride at the Museum will have Pride-inspired science demos, guest scientists, aerial dancers, drag performances, music, and admission to the featured exhibit, The Science Behind Pixar! Also, the Theory Restaurant will be open for pizza, snacks, and adult beverages.


Carla Rossi


Night Light Lounge Drag Queens

Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus

AWOL Dance Collective

Tickets (purchase in advance, event is expected to sell out)

Adult: $14.50

Senior: $11.75

Youth: $9.75

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