Advertising – About our Audience

About our Audience

Updated on 1/31/2018 – Data sampled from January 1-31, 2018
Our publication is geared toward those in the Alternative Lifestyle Community in the greater Portland Area.  Portland is well known for its liberal view of alternative lifestyles, and Psychology Today revealed in 2014 that some 9.8 million people in the US have some kind of satellite relationships allowed within their existing relationships.  That’s approximately 4-5% nationwide,  with little doubt that Portland is leading that trend.  Thousands of people attend sex related conventions in Portland every year, and the local clubs boast memberships in the thousands as well.

The Portland Non-monogamy community spans many different classes of people and income levels from people who live under very modest means, to the very wealthy.  Our community consists of people from all ages, but the median age is 30-50.  Our readers are generally people who like to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer.  They enjoy the nightlife, shopping, and all things romantic and sensual, and sexual.  They love to have fun.

While we are a new publication, and our current numbers are low, our numbers are growing significantly each month. Since our December 2016 issue, our number of sessions, and number of unique visitors has more than doubled each month. We’re just starting to break into the 1000’s … which doesn’t seem like much, but if the current trend continues we could conceivably hit much higher numbers by the end of our first year. These are thousands of visitors that are YOUR people… to direct market your products to.

Here are some pertinent facts about our numbers taken from our current analytics.
Data Current as of January 28, 2018

Metric November December January
# of Unique visitors 79 198 (250% increase) 626 (>300% increase)
# of sessions 112 285 954
# of Page Views 118 484 2181
From our Ad Application
Total Ad Impressions 1573 1262 36429
Total Ad Clicks 1 3 20

As you can see our traffic is increasing exponentially as people discover our magazine.  Worth noting, we were not actively seeking advertisers in November and December, and only started getting serious about putting a mechanism in place to make our space more appealing to advertisers. We opened up more spaces on the News Blog and set them to rotate every 15 seconds, thus helping to fuel the increase in Impression counts.  It seems to be working as we are getting clicks on the few Ad’s we have put in place.
***Note that page counts do not reflect pages within the online magazine. Each Magazine visit clicks 1 count on the page counts regardless of how many pages of the magazine the visitor views.  Likewise, ads clicked within the magazine are not counted either.  This is an unfortunate aspect of an online magazine publication. It would be similar to a printed publication in ability to track and trace ***

Here are some more interesting Data points taken from our Analytics about our users.

Of our users 52.9% are in Oregon State, 29.1% are in Washington State, and 4% are in California with the remaining users spread out over the United States and a few international viewers as well.  Easily 79% of our users reside within the Portland Area.

71% of our viewers access our content using some kind of mobile device (Mobile 66% and Tablet 5%) 29% access our content using a Personal Computer.

For the month of January 2018 78% of our traffic was News Blog and Events traffic, just 22% of our traffic went to the magazine.
We made a few changes to the Blog at the end of January that will affect these numbers going forward.  We changed how we are making the magazines available to our website visitors, making it easier to access, not only the current issue, but past issues as well.

In short.. advertisements on the News Blog will see more traffic in real time, with lots more impressions short term, but the ads expire when the contract expires. Magazine Ads are forever.. so while the magazine gets less content, we are confident we will see the numbers of past issues being accessed increase in the coming months.