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About our Content

PDXScene Magazine is a new magazine founded in late 2017 but is the fruition of a vision that has developed for years.

December 2017 Issue

Ethical Non-monogamy is a growing trend, and a community that exists mostly in secret as most people cannot live their lives fully in the open for fear of retribution from their local communities, employers and religious organizations.
PDXScene Magazine is geared to serve that community, as well as others who enjoy the Portland living a life that is free and open.

Our magazine provides fun and informative articles written by people from the local non-monogamous community. People who are knowledgeable about their experience, and who have a genuine interest in helping others find their way through a lifestyle that can at times be difficult and challenging.

January 2018 Issue

Our publication will feature articles about lifestyle, personalities, Portland Arts and Culture, Events and Entertainment, Shopping and Exploration, and Food and Drink.  It also features beautiful pictorials that are shot with real people from our local community.. REAL people that you may run into in our entertainment and club circles, and within our non-monogamy community.

We are a NEW publication, just in our infancy… but we are eagerly gaining new followers and readers, and we are adding more and more content.  This is a magazine and a website like no other, an excellent marketing opportunity for prospective advertisers to help grow their brand and support a community of people at the same time.

Our presence consists of two unique entities. Our online magazine and our news blog.
Our news blog serves as a hub for our community and a weekly entertainment guide.  It is relatively sanitary in content in that you’ll find very minimal “adult” content (typically only what is provided to us for the local art shows) Advertisements that depict graphic content are not allowed on the blog. We want the News Blog to be a place that people can visit from just about any environment and is relatively safe for work or family.
Our magazine is a quaint online magazine that provides the look and feel of a magazine with the convenience of being able to carry it in your mobile device.  Although we do make an effort to keep the magazine relatively free of graphic adult content, we do have pictorials that will depict a few teaser images with links to a private space for more “revealing” images.  We also have a section of Reader submitted content that features stories, poetry and art images that may contain limited content that is more graphic in nature.
While the magazine is currently online only, our two year goal is to have free printed copies of it available in our vendors locations. 

All monthly content starts in the magazine. Each months issue is published on the 28th of the previous month so that all relevant content for the beginning of the month will have some “soak time” for our readers if they wish to attend events, First Thursday art shows etc.  In the first couple of weeks of the month we will slowly start to publish the articles from the magazine in the News Blog.  We will also publish current content “breaking news” content in the newsblog as well.  Pictorial content, and Reader submitted content will remain in the magazine only and readers will have to open the magazine to view it. We do this to help maintain the safe and sanitary aspect of the News Blog for our readers.