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October 2018 Issue

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As summer wanes and fall arrives… those of us who enjoy a lifestyle of living to excess… start buzzing about what might be our favorite holiday! Halloween… No other holiday encourages dress up like Halloween does… and we do it with style and class! So many parties to attend, most on the same weekend… where will YOU be? I’ve put together a short list of our favorite Halloween party stops that you might want to consider. Our staff will be at Club Privata of course… working that photobooth… if you want some great sexy Halloween photos… you know where to find us.

As we delve into this project,  that we affectionately call PDXScene Magazine, I’m truly honored to be able to meet and talk with some of the lovely people I get to meet.  My interview with Amory Jane is a shining example of that. I really love and appreciate people like her who have decided to set out to change the world… to make it a better world… the kind of world we all want to live in. We at PDXScene are excited to be a part of a movement that embraces inclusivity and love, and part of a community where we embrace our differences. I’m excited to see more and more people like AJ in our community… and add our magazine to the amplification of their message and work.

As the weather cools down, and the rainy season sets in… so too do the theatre productions. We personally are attending three of them in the next month. Burlesque shows start picking up again. People are looking for things indoor to do… I’m excited for some of the productions that are upcoming that support and empower our Ethical Non-monogamous lifestyle! I’m personally excited about Amory Jane’s production called “Whoopee!!” We will be there for sure. We’re also going to at least one show at Eleanor O’Brien’s hosted “Come Inside Festival” which is a collection of different shows hand selected by Eleanor herself. Each has a message that supports our community and stimulates thought and explores unique ideals and values.

Our Featured Models are getting a new, pretty, and flashy name…  Penthouse has their Pets, Playboy has their Playmates, Mystique has their Sirens… we need a title for our models, but it seems like all of the good names were taken. My lovely friends on Facebook spent a day brainstorming for me, and we have chosen a title for our models…. We needed something that was not gender specific, yet still expressed our sexy nature, something sexy but not offensive… (we briefly considered “sluts”)  and in the end we went with “Temptations” There were many suggestions I liked.. But none felt as right as Temptations.

Portland Actress and Model, Caralynn Rose sits down with us to talk about her journey into polyamory. She graces our magazine as our first ever “Temptation of the Month”  I know…. Another young pretty girl… but please read about her, you’ll understand why I chose her. Her story is unique as a Temptation, but her geeky, nerdy qualities are common in our community, and there is an interesting dynamic to her relationships that you might find intriguing… and hell… she’s gorgeous, smart, and well spoken…  I promised diversity.. And it’s coming… I promise

Speaking of next month… there is a huge change coming. It’s already started actually… I am finding that managing a magazine is a huge job… one that eats into all of my personal life, and that also doesn’t allow me to spend much time on my other job…  Photography. I’ve been struggling to get my photoshoots done on time, and even with the minor photo editing that is necessary, and the workload the featured model/Temptations adds to my plate… I had to give it serious consideration when a couple of photographers stepped up this month and offered to help share that load.  So it is not without some sadness that I announce that the Temptations column is no longer exclusively mine, in fact most times it will be shot by another photographer. I think this will make the magazine more diverse and bring an improvement to quality because our photographers can focus on just their assignments, and it frees me up to manage the magazine better, “contributing photographer” is a title that is exclusive to no one… if you’d like to take a shot at shooting a “Temptations” feature… connect with me… Let’s chat about it..  

Luna Sagemeadow is the latest artist to step into the Artist Spotlight. Read all about her, and follow along as she walks us through a collection of some of her favorite works.

Oktoberfest is upon us, and there is no better time to review some great Oktoberfest brews. Chrissy Cooper tells us about Oktoberfest and then delves into a few pumpkin enhanced brews and ciders.

Ellie Love shares a favorite recipe, White Wine Garlic Shrimp… its a beautifully decadent meal that is a family favorite!

Elle Stanger sits down with us to talk about Portland’s Slutwalk 2018. She shares with us some of the challenges that a protest organizer has to deal with, and some of the troubles they had this year.

Meet a couple of the local artist being featured at Club Privata in our Erotic Artbeat Northwest column.

I haven’t even told you about the most exciting news! We have a new advertising partner! Quiver has joined us! is a social network for the ethically non-monogamous. They’ve been around a long time in other parts of the country, but are excited to grow their community here in Portland! The site itself has a user friendly interface which makes it easier to connect with like minded people. Quiver is a paysite, but they take your security very seriously, and have built a website that has excellent privacy controls. Among the paysites out there, Quiver is among the least expensive and as a PDXScene Magazine reader, use promo code PDXSCENE when you register and your first two months are free! Be sure to  like and follow PDXScene Magazine and join the Frisky Friends group on there for fun, daily photo challenges and local events. Quiver members also get door discounts when they RSVP to the Quiver sponsored Panty Dropper Party at Club Privata on the 3rd Saturday of each month. I’m looking forward to seeing you there, and meeting you all online!

All of this wrapped up in a beautiful premium quality magazine that you will love, written by people from your community from your community written for people in your community to enjoy. Why not support us by buying a copy of your own.

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