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May 2019 Issue

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Check out our May issue where we will introduce you to a couple who is not only fairly new to the lifestyle, but they are also fairly new to each other. Sweet Queen and Honey Bear are a fun couple who love exploring all of the various intricacies of the lifestyle, as you get to know them, we hope you will come to love them as much as we do. Come meet the couple behind the legendary couple who once visited The Velvet Rope in T-Rex costumes…

Check out this months Erotic Artbeat Northwest column where we learn all about the local art show openings for May.

Our May Temptation,Sweet Queen is the same Sweet Queen from our April Issue. We fell in love with her so hard… we brought her on steady to write for our Entertainment column. This month she spent some time exploring some of the various venues and networked with some entertainers. She put together a little review article for you, and sat down with Eleanor O’Brien for a short conversation about life, love, and what is new with Dance Naked Productions. She also put together a review on Funhouse Lounge production called DomProv. If you’ve never seen it, Sweet gives you a great glimpse into the fun improv show that will keep you in stitches! Next up, she reviews a recent play production produced by the Pacific University Drama Club called Cock. Written by Michael Bartlett Cock is an interesting exploration into the complexities of bi-sexuality and bi-erasure.

We also meet local Portland Photographer Lucian Schmit and he takes us on a virtual tour of some of his favorite works with a little backstory behind each of the images in our Artist Spotlight Article.

Michael Love put together an interesting and informative piece in his LoveBites column, on the Art of No… how to gracefully decline someone’s advances, and more importantly how to take rejection with grace, and humility.

Monsuta and Bella give us a little primer in Polyamory: Get Your Heart On, covering the basics of communication and break down ways to check in with your lovers to make sure that everyone is feeling fulfilled and happy.

Chrissy Cooper covers a fun topic that is near and dear to all of our hearts in her BrewsNews column. This month she reviews a couple of beers from a New York brewery called The King In the North and The Mother of Dragons. This is a beautiful blend of fire and ice you will not want to miss!

Ellie Love shares a fun recipe for Blueberry Macarons along with a memory with one of her recent partners on “For the Love of Food“.

We also have a fun and exciting new feature. Our April Kink Temptation submissive Sweetness is sharing her journals with us she affectionately calls “Confessions of a Pain Slut“. This will be an ongoing Kink/BDSM story column that is going to be hot and steamy, and with a dose of kink that will get your juices flowing. It will be a magazine only article so don’t wait for it to come out here on the blog, you will have to go visit the magazine to see it!

Our May issue is a fantastic issue full of fun content you will not want to miss! Click here to view but be warned it contains content that is not safe for all viewers.

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