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March 2019 – The Poly Issue

I love our special poly issue. Nothing feels more at home to me than writing about all of the amazing squishy loviness that happens in our communities… even amongst those who may not necessarily identify as “Poly”
In tandem with Sex Positive Portland’s event Polytopia, we love to put together this special issue of all things Poly. We have a real treat for you this month including our first ever Poly-Quad Temptation of the Month. We meet Jeremy, Laurel, Billy and Amelia, who have recently formed a quad that is big on connection and intention. Check out their photos, and read all about their history together.

Briana Bliss also sat down with Sex Positive Portland’s CEO, Dr Evelin Dacker for an intimate conversation about love, life, and her medical practice, as well as her involvement at SPP.

We also have lots of fun Poly inspired content:

  • Guest writer Rita Mann submits an article for Poly101 about a conversation she was having with a vanilla friend about Polyamory and how it all works.
  • Michael discovers compersion from a metamour in LoveBites.
  • Chrissy Cooper talks about her Poly-experience and reviews a couple of poly-inspired brews.
  • Ellie Love explores some of the complexities of cooking for a Poly family in For the Love of Food.
  • New Writer – April Darling brings in our all new Entertainment Column with an article about Poly Podcasts!

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming Erotic Art Shows all over town in our Erotic Artbeat column. Lots of great art coming your way.
If you’d like to get your very own copy of PDXScene Magazine its not too late. We still have a few copies left. We will be distributing them at Club Privata’s First Thursday Art Show Opening on Thursday March 7 from 6pm until 8pm. We will have our Temptations present to meet and greet and sign your copy if you like. We only have a few copies left though, if you want to ensure we have one on hand for you, you can get yours order now by following this link.

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