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MANTASTIC NW is an annual group art exhibition in Portland Oregon that is organized by artist and curator Pablo “Pablito” Cáceres.  Their mission is to create art events that highlight Portland-based artists who celebrate the male form and body acceptance through art. MANTASTIC NW aims to celebrate the diverse male form and raise awareness of gender bias, homophobia and body shaming within the general public and art communities. They believe that the modern art world has a disproportionate amount of nude female forms in comparison to nude male forms. The male nude is often times perceived as unattractive, comical or confrontational while female nudes are still more acceptable and exhibited in public spaces. We as people are also influenced by cultures that shame men for being gay, feminine, transgender, kinky, HIV+, older, fat, hairy, etc. We are told that our genitals are shameful or inadequate. MANTASTIC NW wants to change that!


This year’s art exhibition features the art of Steven Barker, Brad Barnhurst, Greg Bee, Andrew Adam Caldwell, Daniel Evans, James Graminski, Buckley Jeppson, Matt Livengood, Pablito, Grace O’Neill, Greg Parkinson, and The Notorious F.A.G. MANTASTIC NW will be on display throughout the month of June at Crush Bar with opening reception on Saturday, June 2nd from 5pm until 9pm. They will also be hosting an after party fundraiser and dance night with DJ Dan Henderson. Proceeds from the purchase of beer donated by BDSM Brewery will benefit Focus On Youth; a Portland based nonprofit that provides disadvantaged and homeless youth mentoring and hands-on learning experiences by incorporating sustainable gardening, nutrition, healthy cooking classes, science and photography classes. No cover! 21 and over only please.


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Artist Bios


Steven Barker:

I was born with the art bug. My mother told me that I was 2 years old when I drew my first recognizable picture; it was Garfield. From then on, there wasn’t a safe piece of paper in the house. When we were 10 and 8 years old, my grandmother enrolled my brother and me in art classes. This was an experience that benefited us both greatly. Throughout high school and my one year of art school at CCS in Detroit, MI, I honed my abilities and improved my techniques. From there, my primary medium became digital media. I took a position as a graphic designer at a sign shop in 2003, and started learning the Adobe suite. I’ve been creating graphic art ever since.


Brad Barnhurst:

Brad Barnhurst is a paper mosaic artist creating homoerotic portraits completely from paper. He creates colorful depictions of kinks and fetishes to gayly slap society’s negative views of gay sex across its phobic face. Sex isn’t dirty, shameful, or vanilla in his work. It’s a fun and bold statement that looks great on just about any wall at home (or sex dungeon!). Brad’s paper mosaics have been displayed at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Mid-Atlantic Leather (DC), Chaps (SF), Scandals (PDX), and full-time at The Alberta Street Gallery in NE Portland.

Instagram: @bradsmosaics

Andrew Adam Caldwell:

Andrew Adam Caldwell has been writing and photographing for decades in the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, he worked with and curated shows for the gay men’s photography group Image Collective, and his work was included in many Seattle Erotic Art Festivals. In 2015 he moved to Portland to be with his partner, Archie Washington, with whom he co-hosts the webcast Gay Nerd Love.



Twitter: @andybodies, @gaynerdlove

Instagram: @photosbyaac



Daniel Evans:

I’m originally from North Carolina but Oregon has been my home for the past ten years. My professional background is in graphic design. I worked in the field for several years before earning my MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, followed by five years of teaching design at the university level. I’m coming back to painting after a long absence, and this show has served as a welcomed catalyst to getting me back into the studio.


Buckley Jeppson:

Buck Jeppson, a Portland native since 2008, has a passion for photography, sewing, printing, and sculpting.  He has a BA and an MA in Theatre and Film Design and has created costumes for dozens of productions.






Born in the Los Angeles California to Chilean immigrants in 1979, Pablo Cáceres has been a resident of the Portland metropolitan area for over 25 years. Pablo is known by his friends and within his local art community as “Pablito”. This nickname was given to him as a child by his family and is what he currently uses to sign his artwork. Pablito is a curator, illustrator and photographer that specializes in erotic male pin ups and new style contemporary art. He currently organizes MANTASTIC NW; a group art exhibition that celebrates the diverse male form, body and sex positivism and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Instagram: @pablito1979


Greg Bee:

Greg Bee moved to the PNW at a young age and immediately fell in love with the cool summers and the permanent evergreens. Already working in paper-collage artwork he studied painting, drawing, art history and theory at Clark College.  His work now reflects this multi-media background. Bee formerly worked as an assistant curator at Angst Gallery and wine steward at Niche Wine. After suffering from a cerebral aneurysm and hemorrhage in 2013 he had to relearn to walk, write and be human.  Still experiencing his new brain composition, Bee currently spends his time working on art.


Greg Parkinson:

Raised by the beach in Southern California, most of Greg Parkinson’s adult decades he lived in and around NYC; he is currently a happy Cascadian in Portland Oregon. Greg Parkinson had a camera as soon as he could walk— his father could excuse buying a new camera if the old one went to one of the kids. He moved from NYC to Portland almost 4 years ago and loves it. He loves taking pictures of people and is expanding his work to explore memory and fantasy.

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