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June 2019 Issue

June 2019 – Pride Month!

Click above to access the online magazine. NSFW Warning! Some content is not suitable for all viewers!

Check out our June issue dedicated exclusively to our friends in the LGBTQ+ community in celebration of PRIDE month! This month’s issue is packed full of articles and pictorial content for our LGBTQ+ Friends.

We start out with a special local Entertainment guide where Sweet Queen tells us all about the PGMC and the big performance they have planned for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and as a bonus she scored an interview with one of the members of the PGMC where he talks about his own journey, and becoming a PGMC member. Next she explores the Q center, and talks about some of their sex positive programs.

Then Briana Bliss returns from hiatus with an article that talks all about her bisexual journey, growing up in a religious household, discovering her bisexuality, and some of the struggles and successes she has had along the way. Its a great icebreaker article to the things that are yet to come!

Next up, we dive into our Temptations article. We are so fortunate to have someone from the LGBTQ+ community that stands up and delivers with the storyline as well as the pictorial content. Be sure to check out Red DeValmont as our Annual Pride Temptation of the Month where he talks about his journey of transition, and some of the hardships and challenges he has faced along the way… and how he has emerged on the other side, feeling fulfilled, and complete.

Now that we’ve got you feeling really good, and warm and squishy with sexy Trans Male content… we’re going to give you some relief… Elle Stanger mails in an article about The Portland Toy Company. The PTC is a local business owned and operated by a couple of queer friends.* Check out their article where they discuss their personal lives, and how they strive for sustainability, and safety for their customers. Theirs is a message we wholeheartedly believe in… buy local, support your local artisans!

Of course no respectable PRIDE issue would be complete without some Pride content. Michael Love explores some of the different Pride flags you will see at the Pride parade and festival along with a bit of the inspiration and history of each flag.

Then we’ve saved the best for last. Local photographer Daniel Evans is an up and coming newcomer to the local photography art scene, but his is a somewhat little explored subject matter in that he almost exclusively shoots men. There is a lot of really great imagery in his collection but it is only available in the magazine due to the NSFW nature of the content.

This magazine is available to you to view online for free thanks to our generous sponsors. We do print in very limited quantities. If you would like to purchase a copy of PDXScene Magazine it is available at any Taboo Video store, as well as by direct order through our webstore.

*Editors Note – We initially err’d in our headline. The owners of The Portland Toy Company are not a lesbian couple, they are just a couple of friends who identify as queer. We’ve corrected the online content with our sincere apologies to Chelsea and Rosie for the mistake.

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