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July 2019 Issue

We’re super excited to bring you our July issue! Loaded with fun and sexy content for you to enjoy!

We will start with Pandora! Our beautiful temptation of the month is someone you may recognize from the scene. Her’s is a story that revolves around a tantric exploration of an unexpected introduction to the non-monogamous lifestyle, and an evolution into a poly lifestyle through Tantra and life teachings that has brought her to a place of happiness and joy. We did two beautiful photoshoots with her, and featured some of the best photos from her session in her article. Her natural sensual body is every bit as enticing as she is… you’ll have to visit the magazine to read more about her, its the only place her story will be shown.

Sweet Queen has a couple of wonderful treats to share with you in our Entertainment column! She sat down with the producers and a couple of comedians from the Portland Queer Comedy Festival. You’ll want to be sure and catch the PQCF … its promising to be a great event, with lots of amazing headliners! Read more about it in our Entertainment section of the Magazine!

Description/Caption: Description/Caption: Critical Hit Burlesque’s “Burlynomicon” held at the Lovecraft Bar in Portland, Ore. on December 10, 2013. (photo by Casey Campbell

Feeling inspired by another great event going on this month, Sweet Queen wanted to pass on information for a great burlesque show. Now… Portland hosts LOTS of great burlesque shows, but this one is one you will want to check out! The Burlesque S’il Vous Plait 40 and More Burlesque show features Fannie Fuller and some of her friends, all over the age of 40 and still rocking it! You will not want to miss this talented troupe of performers one night only… see the article for more details!

In our LoveBites article, Michael Love talks about the dicey nature of balancing time amongst multiple relationships, and how to help understand the nature of infinite love vs the limitations of time.

We have a fun bonus pictorial article this month we’re calling Inked! Sponsored by Ledhead Ned Tattoos our Inked Article features some of the fine tattoo work that people from our community have. Six people stepped up from all walks of our Alt-Lifestyle communities… check out their amazing work, I’m sure you will see a couple of familiar faces!

Chrissy Cooper is bringing us a fun new twist in her BrewsNews column this month… she sat down recently with the owners of her favorite Taphouse for a review of one of the best new places in Vancouver. Get to know the owners, and the history behind Gossip in the Grain, and then come on up and sample some craft beers, ciders and meads, wines, and even some kombucha! But first… go check out the article!!!

Ellie Love recaps a busy Fathers Day week that kicks off with a big family Barbeque where we get to meet a lot of the other side of the family, and then the week ends with the Pride Parade and a Fathers Day BBQ with friends. Ellie made a brand new favorite dish for both parties she calls “Fluff”… Part Mousse, part creamy goodness… loads of sweet flavor… its a delectable treat you will want to try… she doubles down with both recipes she tried and both were loved greatly by the Tribe!

We wrap up the issue with another installment of Confessions of a Pain Slut where the heat gets cranked up a bit with some more intense mindfuckery…. read only if you dare!

This issue is of course available online for free thanks to our generous sponsors. If you’d like to get your hands on a printed version… visit your local Taboo Video Stores in Vancouver, or on 82nd Ave Portland or downtown on Broadway to pick up your very own copy today… get yours quick before supplies run out!

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