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January 2019 Issue

We’re super excited to bring you our January issue, the beginning of our second year in existence, and the beginning of a new year, with a renewed vision, and a big push into a bigger and better magazine and a bigger and better presence in our community.

As I write this, I’m chatting with a few couples about setting up interviews, and sessions… yes… we’re going to be exploring the relationships in our lifestyle, how they work, who they are, and the sensuality that exists within them. Everyone’s dynamic is different, and I’m excited to share with you the many different types of relationships that make up our very diverse community!

We’re kicking off 2019 with a blast from our past… the lovely Ms Jordan Jacobs.  Jordan is an old friend of mine, we’ve known them about as long as we’ve been in the lifestyle, and I’ve done a few shoots with her over the years. I was excited when she told me that she was interested in modeling for us! It was good to catch up with her, and revisit their story in greater detail, and I’m excited to share it with you. It’s a great story you won’t want to miss!

Shrista Tyree – Image courtesy of Dabooth

Speaking of great stories, you have GOT to read my interview with Portland comedian Shrista Tyree! Shrista, whom we saw at a recent Whoopie! A Sex Positive Variety Show hosted by Amory Jane, is a very interesting person who, in addition to be a GREAT sex positive comedian, is also an African-American lesbian. None of that really matters except in our interview she talks about growing up in a repressed home and how she had to come to terms with her sexuality and how she learned what it meant, and how it affected her interpersonal relationships with people.  Shrista is a very colorful personality, crass, and outspoken, but there is also a vulnerability there that I really appreciate… it’s a GREAT read!

Our Erotic Artbeat column is HUGE this month, with art shows happening in all of our local venues, as well as a male nude study happening at the Angst gallery up in Vancouver, we have lots of great opportunities for you to get some culture and get out and support your local artists!

The big news this month is Tumblr’s sudden decision to shut down ALL ADULT content on their platform. This move left many in our community without blogs that had taken years to develop. Followed closely on the heels of that move… Facebook quietly altered their community guidelines to disallow pretty much any kind of talk that references sex, or the ability for people to use the platform to host events for people who are sex positive, who might utilize an event to connect sexually.  This further cut into our first amendment rights have many of us looking for a better option. I sit down with the owners of Quiver, a social network for sexually evolved, and open to explore the vision behind the site, and an intro to some of the features and benefits of this new sexy social network.

I cover a topic in LoveBites that we are all too familiar with. I explore how and why we hate them, but I also talk about a situation where an incorrect use of a term led to trouble for one of our friends… labels are important communication tools sometimes… you can read of this in detail in the magazine.

Chrissy Cooper explores some favorite Winter brews in BrewsNews and Ellie Love explores a new relationship that also leads to a new recipe…
See it all in our January issue available online for free, but to truly appreciate this beautiful layout, you’re going to want a printed copy. Get yours in our online bookstore now, if you preorder yours before midnight December 31, you get it at 30% off the cover price. Skip the shipping and come to the First Thursday Art Show Opening at Club Privata and pick up your copy, meet our model, and have her sign your copy!

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