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For the Love of Food – Cooking for a Poly Family

Cooking for a Poly Family

EllieLove by Ellie Love

Poly month…The month we talk all things poly. I will be no different. I usually talk about a specific event around the recipe I am making, but not about the struggles of finding things that everyone will like. That is what I am going to do this month. While it can be a struggle, it has also opened and expanded our tastes and likes. We try to take it on like an adventure!

As most of you know I live in a poly household, consisting of three adults and a moody teenager. All of us have varied taste, loves, and hates that conflict with each other.

Doodle (the teenager): who would like to be mostly vegetarian, with a bit of pescatarian thrown in. Loves shrimp (that’s my girl!), but won’t eat bacon (how can she even be mine!).

Micheal: who loves red meat, can’t eat onions, and doesn’t like bell pepper either.

Chrissy: who loves onions, bell peppers, seafood, and meatloaf, but hates blue cheese

Me: who loves seafood and blue cheese, likes onions and bell peppers, and hates meatloaf and casseroles.

Obviously these are just simple examples. But with so many varied tastes it is not always easy to decide what’s for dinner. It does bring in the art of compromise. We may all like a certain dish, but we are willing to omit ingredients to suit other people’s tastes.. An excellent example of this is my mashed potatoes, everyone one loves mashed potatoes, but I used to make them with blue cheese dressing. They are now made with sour cream and are still quite devine. Or there are dishes that only get made on nights when I won’t be home for dinner, meatloaf for Wednesday date nights! They still get to eat foods they love! Chrissy and I will have girls night out and go to sushi which we love and Michael will not touch it.

It has broadened our taste as well. We have all brought meals to the table that the others were not sure about. We recently did this with pork and sauerkraut. It is soooo yummy and easy, just fill crockpot with pork roast and sauerkraut, and cook until the pork is done. One of the things we try to do is only have one thing that we are not sure of at a time. This way there is still something to eat if you don’t like the new dish. We did this by having fried potatoes that we all love. Overall the meal was a success, although it was decided that it would be an occasional meal rather than a frequent meal.

Not everything I make for my articles are things everyone likes.  The peanut butter fudge in the December issue was one I made for everyone else, I think peanut butter and chocolate together is gross! The lemon blueberry cake from one of the first couple of months was not liked by Michael, but Chrissy and I loved it! There have been many that we have all loved. The better than a Twix Bar was a huge hit with everyone… as are most of the sweets.  

Cooking in a house with lots of adults…and a picky teenager can be arduous at times and requires thought and consideration… much like the rest of life. Many of our meals are quite ordinary; every now and again we like to step it up and push our like and dislikes to soft limits. Coming together over a meal is always great family time. So don’t forget to create a grand adventure that can bring out the fun. As we have had many meals cooked while singing to the tunes on the radio, sitting round the bbq, or even bumping butts in a tiny kitchen in a beach-side condo.  

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