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February 2019

We’re super excited for this sweethearts issue featuring our very first Temptation Couple! In this issue you’ll get to meet Jeff and Joy, who are more than just sweethearts of nearly 2 years, they are soon to be married! Read all about them and their journey, and check out the photos of the beautiful photoshoot we did with them in Lincoln City, OR earlier this month!

Of course, we also have Erotic Artbeat, where we will talk about the local art shows, and the upcoming openings where you can meet the artists and enjoy and celebrate the venues that host their work! We will be at Club Privata on Thursday, February 7th from 6pm-8pm distributing copies of the magazine. Jeff and Joy will be on hand to meet and greet, and sign your copies. We’d love to have you join us. We only print a few extra copies each month so be sure to visit our bookstore and get your copy on reserve. Order your copy before Feb 1st and save!

Sir Cupcake
From the Whoopee! Sex Positive Variety Show

Our LoveTribe have visited the last two Whoopee! A Sex Positive Variety Show performances.. and we’ve enjoyed them tremendously. If you’ve never seen one, I would wholehearted encourage you to check it out. You will be hard pressed to find a more entertaining evening, where you can enjoy a fun night of sex positive performances, drawings for prizes, and just hang out with some really cool, like minded people!

Writer L.A. “Larry” Iversen put together an interesting article about the delicacies how the fine art community views art that depicts nude male genitalia.

Briana Bliss gives a little Poly insight to celebrating the romantic holiday with all of your relationships in her Poly101 column. Michael Love talks about some struggles a lot of people have in trying to connect with people, and offers some thoughts on how you can meet people.

The LoveTribe took their winter hiatus at Lincoln City after the New Year. Chrissy Cooper reviews an old haunt from her childhood while on a recent visit to the Beach. Check out her story on The Horn Restaurant and the Depoe Bay Brewing Company.

While at the beach, Ellie Love and Michael Love got to spend some private time where they enjoyed a beautiful and delicious romantic dinner which featured an entire pail of seafood full of Dungeoness Crab, Manilla Steamer Clams, and Big juicy prawns all purchased from Barnacle Bills in Lincoln City. On the side they had roasted baby potatoes, and bacon wrapped asparagus.

All of this wrapped up in one beautiful magazine. It is available to view for free online, or you can get a beautiful premium quality printed magazine from our online store while supplies last. Pre-order before February 1st and save 30% off the cover price. Visit our online bookstore to get your copy on order now!

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