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One of the most amazing things about Portland is our love of art and all things creative. In our non-monogamous lifestyle we combine our love of art, along with our love of sex and we have several venues that host erotic art galleries. The following is a listing of those places, information about their galleries, and when and how you can view them. We will also talk a bit about the artists who are featured there as the information is available.

Gallery Privata

Gallery Privata is well known for all things stylish and posh, but their Art Gallery is one of the featured aspects of the establishment. On Thursday August 2, 2018 Gallery Privata will be celebrating an opening of the artistry of two unique, but distinctly different artists.

Darby Rages: Artist at Creations Euphoric

From the artist –  “Art is a tool that has allowed me to generate provocative dialogue around many issues that are deeply important to me. I use the creative experience as a way to engage others in the exploration of diversity.  And while much of my artistic expression is rooted in technique and precision, the conversations that my art can evoke are what drive me.”

“The art I create is not confined to a single medium and while I do some traditional fine art such as painting and drawing, I am always pushing myself to find new ways to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  Besides being a skilled 2D artist and designer, I have a variety of experience making 3D art and sculpture, creating audio and visual digital media, and doing performance art and mixed media installations. I enjoy the blending of traditional arts and new technologies.”  

“Over the years I have shown work in a number of juried, group, and solo shows around the country.   I have also designed various forms of media for individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.  Upon completion of my Bachelors in Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA,  I spent 4 years working as a freelance fine artist and graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area and am now working freelance in Portland, OR.”  

“Aside from my artistic career I am a non-binary queer femme who has been active in the LGBT, kink, and radical faerie communities for many years.  I am also a San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) certified sex educator and volunteer for a number of organizations within my communities. I am passionate about harm reduction, social justice, sexual health and information, building compassionate community, and helping people find the resources they need to gain stability in their lives in a way that is sustainable.”

“Whether it is creating art or engaging with the community, the conversations we have about our differences and similarities helps shape what we are.  It is in our expression, in all its forms, that we find our humanity.”
Facebook: @CreastionsEuphoric
Instagram: creationseuphoric


About the Show:
Bodies and Vulva.
Bodies is a series started in 2015 as an exploration into the variety of female form, and would later expand into a larger collection of works that focused on the beauty that exists in bodies of all shapes, sizes, colors, and identities. The series shows that there is no wrong way to have a body, though we are frequently taught otherwise.
Most of the paintings feature bodies of everyday people who identify along the LGBT spectrum. Faces were left out to allow for more vulnerability and to keep the focus on the bodies themselves. Bold colors accentuate the forms and there is a degree of
ambiguity in the pieces surrounding the ethnicity, sex, and gender expressions of those depicted. The work draws on body positivity and focuses on the use of color to express the complexities that make up how we are viewed.
“There is so much discrimination in society based on our bodies. We are judged for the color of our skin, told we are too fat or too thin, or that our bodies are wrong because they do not conform to cultural definitions of sex and gender, or they defy various social norms. In the series Bodies, I aim to show that beauty exists outside of the narrow view of what a body should look like, and that all bodies have value.”
Similarly, the Vulva series, started in 2017, examines our views of body norms. Here, instead of showing the whole body, the focus is on the vulva and its uniqueness. Like the snowflake, no two vulvas are the same, and yet the expectation exists in our society that even our genitalia should look a particular way to be
considered acceptable. Again, my models for this series are everyday people and not centerfolds.
“In the future I hope to turn the Vulva series into a larger collection of works focusing on all genitalia, regardless of sex, gender, race, or label.”
Both the Bodies and Vulva series intend to make the viewer think about their ownperceptions of beauty, the labels and judgments we project onto others, and how we view our own bodies.

Club Privata will be hosting a Public art opening of these artists’ fine work, with no door fee and no membership requirement, from 6-8pm on Thursday August 2, 2018. Come view the art, talk with the artists, and sample some of the tasty beverages from local breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Club Privata

824 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR
Thurs – 8pm-2am
Fri and Sat – 9pm-4am

Sanctuary Club

The Sanctuary Club is a an upscale and elegant event space and nightclub. Sanctuary provides a gathering space for a large and diverse sex-positive community. Sanctuary welcomes all gender identities and relationship configurations, LGBTQ+, poly, swing, kink, POC, and all curious, like-minded, happy people. Their venue is ADA accessible.

Sanctuary offers a full bar, lounge seating, dance floor, open play areas, dungeon furniture, ample sanitary supplies, and a fun, convivial atmosphere.

CTrain Rollin
Cole Michaelis known as “CTrain Rollin” is originally from a small fracked-out oilfield town called Casper, Wyoming. A place famous for its absolute isolating silence and hatred for anything colorful or different. A place where the only thing that can be heard is the lonesome howl of the wind against your broken soul.
A lifetime of open heart surgeries coupled with a heavy dose of catholic prep school abuses made for a very rebellious delinquent young man. The turning point came when he was arrested for tagging the prep-school with graffiti. He was given the choice of paying for the cleanup or a 6 month job shadow at a local automotive paint shop owned by one of the patrons of the church. At the age of 16 he became a PPG certified Master Automotive painter. He would go on to paint numerous award winning show cars and hotrods that have graced the pages of Hotrod and Lowrider Magazines. Cole married his gorgeous wife Shannon in 2009 at his family’s vineyard in Sebastopol, California where they made the pact that they would eventually leave the state of Wyoming for good and find a more suitable place for growing their love and passion for growing food. In 2014, Brickyard Farms was founded on the Oregon Coast just south of Tillamook.

Brickyard Farms specializes in hard-to-find and rare, Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, and pure heritage Amish seed plant starts and produce that is sold to a variety of highly rated restaurants up and down the north coast of Oregon. As a self-employed farmer and nurseryman, Cole has found it to be a great balance to finding time to create world class artwork for his numerous clients, fill backorders, and fulfill his desire to feed the community and to simply make the world a better place. Simply Marbleous was first conceived from his mountain top home, as an anonymous attempt to propel his deep state psychedelic and classy erotic mixed-media imagery onto the world scene in 2009. Formally being uprooted from the deserts of Wyoming found a new home @urbanpictographstudios nestled in the rolling foothills of the coastal mountain range in Pleasant Valley, Oregon in 2014.

You can connect with Cole at the following links

Instagram: @urbanpictographstudios


The Erotic Auras Collection

The Erotic Auras Collection derives its powers from the perspective that with the body comes a mind and with a mind comes a spirit and with that spirit comes the aura. It is in this spiritual and aural realm of being that we find our innermost creativity, true selves, and unconditional self love. Learning to navigate these borders between the sensual, seductive, secure, and dominant to the more controlled, used and submissed are represented by the sacred geometry that entangles each piece into its own full lightgasmic glory. The reflection of the jeweling is representative of the breaking down and shattering of our own boundaries and barriers set by our egos and self-importance, it is within his dazzling show of color and light where we truly have a chance to be free to express ourselves and feel true pleasure and happiness without fear of judgment. When deep sexual passion takes the form of the artist’s brush strokes and the throes of an erotic sexual encounter are the paints upon the palette, the opportunity for true expression on a primal level exists. This collection is hand painted on fine hand cut Italian marble tile from Trabia, Sicily. Each of the works have all been hand spray-painted and finished with high quality automotive clear coat. Recycled glitter and microplastics were used to offset the carbon footprint from the painting process. They are then meticulously encrusted with semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals, and are all UV reactive and glow in the dark for added depth and enjoyment in low light or blacklighted environments. These pieces are one of a kind and are all originals. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, museum/gallery quality shipping crate and has been correctly wired and ready to hang. They are available for Domestic and International shipping via the artist’s Etsy page SimplyMarbleousCo.

First Thursday Opening is on
Thursday August 2 at 6pm;
No membership or door fee required before 9pm

The Sanctuary Club
33 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Above Splash Bar  enter on 9th


Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place

The Catalyst is an 18+ event center providing education, hands on workshops, play parties, and other social opportunities. Their goal is to create a safe and all-inclusive environment that provides learning opportunities, active community, and open exploration of consensual gratification. They provide a safe space for people to gather and explore the things that make them happy and to connect with like-minded people.

Christopher B. Mooney
For the month of August, Catalyst’s walls will feature the amazing erotic art of Christopher B. Mooney. They will be kicking off with a gallery showing and artist meet and greet. Christopher will be available to answer any questions you may have and will have a limited number of prints available for purchase. Of course, all the original paintings hanging will be for sale too.

A graduate from Parson’s School of Design, Chris is known as a professional artist, in Portland, OR for his large-scale paintings of figurative and erotic artworks shown and displayed at: L Alan Arts Project at the Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place; The Seattle Erotic Art Festival; The Dirty Show in Detroit, Michigan; Club Privata –  An upscale nightclub; and at Sanctuary Club – An alternative lifestyle event space.

In the erotic art world, Chris has been very excited to meet erotic artists, as well as kinky, fetish, and erotically minded people. He was a co-host of the Live Art Figure Drawing series at the Catalyst. He currently runs some figure drawing sessions with two models in his studio or outside in his private backyard with the goal of providing a “visual reference,” for the explorations of human connection. The mood of the sessions are more contemporary and adventuresome.

Chris strives to create paintings portraying thoughts and feelings, and create the erotic atmosphere in their environments. Part of the shift in his artistic focus is about exploring his own sexuality through his art. Accordingly, Chris has created pieces of various poses from kinky and/or fantasy-based, to classical cuddling and kissing poses.

Currently, Chris is creating figurative works and erotic art occasionally using the red and blue floodlights. The theme of my paintings is color. The subjects in each of the paintings were posed lit with red and blue floodlights, or natural lighting, outdoors or indoors, giving the unusual dynamics of the way light is reflected on the figure. It is fascinating how this lighting brings out each subject’s emotional undertones, allowing their natures to rise to the surface. His technique mimics the old masters, shifting the style to a contemporary ambiance through careful and expressive brushstrokes.

Catalyst Artist Showcase with Christopher B. Mooney

Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place

5224 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR 97206
Opening Reception: July 29, 2018
Closing Reception: August 26th, 2018
both events 4pm-6pm

Cost: $5

We want to promote ALL erotic art shows. If you are a curator for an erotic art gallery and wish to have your art show featured in our monthly article, you’re invited to contact us at



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