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One of the most amazing things about Portland is our love of art and all things creative. In the non-monogamous lifestyle we combine our love of art, along with our love of sex, and we have several venues that host erotic art galleries. The following is a listing of those places, information about their galleries, and when and how you can view them. We will also talk a bit about the artists who are featured there, when that information is available.

Gallery Privata

Gallery Privata is well known for all things stylish and posh, but their Art Gallery is one of the featured aspects of the establishment. On Thursday, November 1, 2018, Gallery Privata will be celebrating an opening of the artistry of two unique, but distinctly different artists.

T Strauss Photography

Theresa Strauss has had a camera in her hand since the age of six. She grew up on the outskirts of Detroit, MI and graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago. It wasn’t until moving to Oregon in 2010, that her first passion (photography) returned in full force; she has been exhibiting her work in PDX since 2011. She is currently working on a Survivor Project (details can be found on her website).

Mother Nature is incredible – and so very sexy. She inspires me in so many ways, but mostly in finding and seeing the sensual all around us. I like to challenge viewers to consider subtle sexuality, and my work does just that. I want you to stop and really *see* my photos. How do they make you feel? I hope you enjoy this show and that you stop to smell the flowers.

“Fingerling” – Theresa Strauss

KAT Snyder

KAT is an artist who finds inspiration in strange places. Anything from a bird bathing in oil to intimate conversations, can enlighten her. She translates what she sees and feels into art pieces. She is an introvert, but loves to push herself to do uncomfortable things. Sharing art takes bravery and she doesn’t shy away from that.

Steel Pussies

This is an art show about a group of women who shared with me an intimate part of themselves. They all wanted to express an aspect of their sexuality that has been historically under appreciated. Women are works of art to me. I am inspired by them and needed to translate what I experienced.

I work in steel for its strength and tension. Steel pushes me to keep recreating, keep engineering, and keep transforming my imagination into sculptures. Steel is hard, sharp, and tenacious. I like these qualities for defining a vagina, they are not the obvious descriptions. Strength can be subtle, obvious, and in your face. Each of my sculptures possess a little bit of all these.

Each woman chose a song to express with their sculpture, it was their music that helped move me through the experience of creation. These women are not exhibitionists. They were brave enough to trust me. They inspire me. They are the art; these are their steel pussies.

Club Privata will be hosting a public art opening of these artists’ fine work, with no door fee and no membership requirement, from 6-8pm on Thursday November 1, 2018. Come view the art, talk with the artists, and sample some of the tasty beverages from local breweries, wineries and distillers.


Club Privata

824 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR

Thurs – 8pm-2am

Fri and Sat – 9pm-4am



Sanctuary Club

The Sanctuary Club is a an upscale and elegant event space and nightclub. Sanctuary provides a gathering space for a large and diverse sex-positive community. Sanctuary welcomes all gender identities and relationship configurations, LGBTQ+, poly, swing, kink, POC, and all curious, like-minded, happy people. Their venue is ADA accessible.

Sanctuary offers a full bar, lounge seating, dance floor, open play areas, dungeon furniture, ample sanitary supplies, and a fun, convivial atmosphere.

STROLL (show coordinator)

“People of Pittsburg” by Adrie Fells

STROLL is a radical, anti-capitalist harm reduction organization with its roots in Portland, Oregon’s sex worker activist community. Since 2016, street outreach efforts have expanded to the general houseless community in response to the brutality of Portland’s responses to the houseless, and because there is not always a clear and defined self-identified category of “sex worker”, particularly among lower income and houseless folk. People dip in and out of the sex industry as needed, in response to financial pressures in their lives, and STROLL acknowledges this and seeks to support our most vulnerable community members where they are at, without forcing them into uncomfortable conversations or criminalized identities.

“U Can’t Touch Me Like That” by Averill

STROLL was founded in 2015, after two local sex workers decided to start putting together a zine of harm reducting information and information about the efforts of local social workers to promote legislation which would protect strippers. In the spring of 2015, Cascade AIDS Project gave STROLL a grant to fund street outreach materials and printing costs for the zine, and in the summer of 2015, STROLL threw the first sex worker art show in Portland since Annie Oakley’s Sex Worker Art Show stopped touring.

This year we wanted to expressly promote the art of sex workers of colour, who are doubly or triply marginalized under white supremacy.  The show features work by Suprihmbe, who runs the blog Thot Scholar, Sophia St. James (one of the founders of Portland Slutwalk), Lady Dee, Adrie Fells (People of Pittsburgh), and local artists Mona Superhero and Gibson Thorne.  Also featured are Mia Bonilla, Ottie, LEVI, Aww Sweet Death, and more!


Art by Tarts, The Portland Sex Workers’ Art Show

Art by Tarts, The Portland Sex Workers’ Art Show, has become a yearly event, bringing together works from sex workers around the world. Every year we bring you new and exciting art, creating a space for a very marginalized group that is often spoken over, when we aren’t being outright ignored. 2018 has ushered in laws that exacerbate the dangers and oppressions many of us face, making the situation of sex workers of colour, doubly economically vulnerable already, much more precarious as advertising and screening tools have been repeatedly taken away, and the venues that are left flex the sudden power of having no competition. This year we are highlighting art made by sex workers of colour, building our month-long show around current and former sex workers of colour.

With every art show we’re trying to amplify the voices of sex workers and also offer a fuller picture of our lives and experiences. Some of the art does deal explicitly with sex work themes, while other artists explore sexuality, white supremacy and homophobia, or fantastical sci-fi dreams.

First Thursday Opening is on

Thursday November 1, at 6pm;

No membership or door fee required before 9p

The Sanctuary Club
33 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Above Splash Bar  enter on 9th


We want to promote ALL erotic art First Thursday shows. If you are a curator for an Erotic Art Gallery and wish to have your Art Show featured in our monthly article, you’re invited to contact us at

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