We’re looking for content creators!

Are you a member of the lifestyle community and an aspiring writer?  We would love to publish your work on this site as well as in our upcoming online magazine!

Content Writers

We are looking for writers to contribute to our magazine and blog that are unique, engaging, and pertinent to our community.  We prefer articles that are somehow lifestyle related in one of many categories, but that are based in personal experience or on careful and quoted research.
We are looking for articles between 500 and 1100 words but will allow more as long as content is engaging. Articles that include graphics are encouraged.
We do not allow plagiarized articles, your writing must be your own, and any quoted content must include referenced material including links.  No copyrighted material is allowed.
We will review submitted articles and choose those which meet our criteria of quality and relevance. If your article is chosen we will provide you with a free copy of the magazine your article is published in (plus S&H), and if you’re a lifestyle oriented business, we will provide you with a free 400×400 advertising space on our blog for 1 month (value $75 graphics not included) .
You will be given credit as the author of the content, and will retain full rights to your content but will grant us Publication rights to this site as well as our online magazine.

Categories include articles relevant to:
Swinging | Polyamory | BDSM/Kink | LGBTQ | Club Scene | Non-monogamy
Political articles will be accepted only as they apply to the above categories.

This is the name that you will be credit by in the article
Please attach a headshot image so that we can add it to your by line.
Your content should be no less than 500 words, and no more than 1600 words. Must be relevant to our lifestyle community, and subject to approval
Please attach images.