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Club Privata Summer Kickoff Party Review

Just Jane by Just Jane

This weekend was full of fun in downtown Portland with the Rose Festival and Memorial Day festivities but this Sunday night got particularly hot at Privata. The club hosted a $20 non-membership night to close out the holiday weekend. You could tell the vibe of the club was different but in a really enjoyable way. There were beach decorations hanging around the walls. Men were allowed to dress a bit more casually to match with the summer kick off theme. I know for me seeing guys able to show off a bit of skin with arm and calf muscles was an exciting turn of events.

There were a lot of newer and younger people drawn in for the night too. For those in the under 35 crowd who are still paying off student loan debt and getting stable in their jobs, the club cost can seem insurmountable to attend events. Who knew group sex, swinging and polyamory was such an expensive hobby/lifestyle?  I think that aving nights like this help make it possible to have a younger crowd as part of the culture and builds lifetime members.

Only the first two floors were open which was nice because more people had to mingle but having the third floor open would’ve given some more breathing room. Especially with so many first-timers, it’s nice to leave space for more areas of play. This structure meant there was less space in the closed door rooms since even those who would normally play in public on the third floor took over the first and second. By about midnight, each room was full and as the night progressed a few couples took to the orgy bed. Starting with two gorgeous women playing with only each other and 2 other heterosexual couples following shortly after them. The crowd was full of folks coming to watch and enjoy.

There wasn’t a DJ to run the music on this night, but despite the occasional awkward song and beat switches, the music was as good as if there was one present. The food was deliciously thematic with everything from wings to ribs and even bourbon bacon wrapped plantains. The pole had sexy women and one guy performing like professionals. Full rooms led to the sounds of sexual pleasure echoing through the doors. Overall, the night was a blast. I can’t wait to see what other events the club unfolds for this hot summer ahead of us!

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