Carnal Crossroads Submission Form

Our community is full of creative people of all kinds who love to share their work.  At PDXScene Magazine we are all about encouraging and creating people’s creativity.  We have a fun little section in the magazine we affectionately call Carnal Crossroads.
Carnal Crossroads is a Reader Submitted Erotic Creative section that allows our readers to submit all kinds of erotic creativity. We accept all forms of creativity from erotic photography, to erotic stories, prose, poetry, Haiku’s… you name it… if it is erotic and you have created it, and we can somehow get it to fit on a magazine page… we will print it… if it is worthy.
We don’t want to limit creativity but we do have to consider ALL viewers of our content. So here are some guidelines of what we will and will not accept.

We WILL accept:

  • Images that depict nudity. Bare breasts, vagina, buttocks (male and female) as well as penis (erect or flaccid)
  • Graphic stories, and erotic prose… stories in detail…
  • Images of 3 dimensional art you have created

We willl NOT accept:

  • Images that show penetration of any kind
  • Images or stories that depict Scat, Urine, Blood, Drug use, or any illegal activity.
  • Images or stories that depict Rape or sexual contact with a minor is expressly forbidden.
  • Images that depict anyone who even appears to be under the age of 18. When in doubt we may ask you to prove that you have done your age verifications.  YOU are responsible for maintaining records of age verification.

Please use the following form to submit your work.  We will review your work, and information and reach out to you if we need anything else. If we decide to publish your work, we will let you know what issue your work will be shown in so you can share with all of your friends.

Thanks for your interest in our Carnal Crossroads section… we’re excited to see your work!

About You

This is your by line credentials. The name you want us to identify you as. It can be your stagename, business name, if you leave this blank we will use your real name.
Please list the URL for your website so we can hotlink your profile to your page.
We work with Art Gallery curators to help find artists to display in their shows, We do not share our list with anyone, nor do we utilize this list to spam you. Whenever a curator contacts us with need for an opening, we will send out a newsblast with the Show info and requirements, and the curators contact information.
Please upload a headshot of yourself or if you prefer an Avatar that we will display along with your Preferred name. Please limit the size of your image to no more than Image should be no more than 1000px by 1000px and no less than 500px x 500px and must be loaded in jpg or png format. If we already have a profile image for you, you can skip this step, but we will not approve your content for publication without a profile image.

Your Erotic Creation

We accept all kinds of creative entries for Carnal Crossroads. We do reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. We do accept images that contain nudity including exposed breasts, vagina, buttocks and even male nudity. Images that depict sexual interaction may not show penetration of any kind. We do not allow images that depict scat, urine, or blood, or ANY illegal acts. We do not allow images that depict subjects that appear to be under the age of legal consent.
What is the title of your art piece? If there is no title, please indicate by typing in "Untitled"
Please select the type of Art you are submitting
If you are attaching an image, please attach the highest resolution image (without watermark) possible up to 8MB. If you are sending us Written copy. We will accept PDF or Word Docs only.