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August 2019 Issue

August 2019 Issue

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We’re super excited to bring you your August Issue of PDXScene Magazine. This issue, like most of our issues is chock full of great content we know you will love. The online magazine is our way of exploring the artistic side of the sexiness of our lifestyle, so please be aware that when you visit the online magazine, you will see content that is not suitable for all viewers. Please use discretion when viewing. 

Our Temptations for August are a couple of really good friends of ours and are people you will probably recognize from the scene. Just Plain John and Dominoe Desoto are very familiar faces that you’ve probably seen in many of the various places we gather. We are honored that they chose to grace our magazine not only with their beautiful photos but also with their story. Due to the nature of the content, it is only available in the magazine itself. So if you want to read all about them, you’ll need to follow the links to the magazine. Our Temptations will also be present at the Club Privata Erotic Art Show Opening where we hold our monthly magazine distribution event. They will be there to meet and greet with people and to sign your copy if you’ve pre-ordered one. The open house event runs from 6pm-8pm on Thursday, August 1st with no membership obligation for those who attend the show who would like to hang out in the club for the party after the show opening gala. We would love for you to join us… meet our Temptations, meet our staff, and check out the fantastic new art that will be showing at Club Privata! 

Speaking of Art Shows! Our Erotic Artbeat Column is bigger than ever with not one, not two… but Five shows being featured. Check out the info and then get out and meet the artists and see their work, and potentially find a piece that needs to go home with you! 

Our next featured article is one that is near to our hearts. Our own Marilyn Belle is off traveling the country for the summer and her road adventures found her slutting her way up the East Coast. Read about her adventures and her challenges in keeping herself connected with her Poly partner back home in East Coast Slut Chronicles: Long Distance Polyamory. 

Sometimes endings can be tricky to negotiate with some far-reaching and unintended consequences… sometimes you just need a moment to step back and reevaluate your priorities. Briana Bliss checks in with an article about relationship transitions in Polyamory in her Modern Poly article. 

Image courtesy of Richard Cummings –

Get to know local Portland artist Terra Lyn Anderson as they become the latest artist to step into the Artist Spotlight where we get to know the person behind the art, and their story and inspirations. Then Terra takes us on a mini-tour of their favorite art pieces, where they share a bit of the intimate story behind each piece they have created. 

Ellie Love and Chrissy Cooper sort of combine their efforts in their respective articles to cover a recent celebration of their newest home project completion, which resulted in a huge crawfish boil with lots of different kinds of summer beers to sample. 

Finally… and certainly, last but not least. Sweetness checks in with her latest excerpt from her diaries, in “Confessions of a Pain Slut” 

This issue is, of course, available online for free thanks to our generous sponsors. If you’d like to get your hands on a printed version… visit your local Taboo Video Store in Vancouver, or on 82nd Ave on the east side, or downtown on Broadway to pick up your very own copy starting on August 1st. Get yours before they are all gone! 

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