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August 2018 Issue

Click here to view the online issue – WARNING This magazine contains subject matter that is not suitable for all audiences.

Welcome to your August Issue of PDXScene Magazine! We’re excited to have you, and would love for you to check out our latest issue.
If you’d like, you can test drive it for free by clicking the image to the right—>
But to really truly appreciate this great publication, that with the quality of printing and construction is more coffee table book than magazine, you should head over to our Bookstore and purchase your very own copy .. if you can do so before 11:59pm on July 31st… you can save $4 on the cover price. Select “pickup” as your fulfillment option and you can meet up with us at either of the First Thursday erotic art openings and we can not only deliver your copy to you, but you can also meet and greet with our model, and she will autograph your copy for you!

Editors note:
So I’m sitting here realizing that I am putting together our August Issue. 2018 is more than half over… I think I blinked… August! August is our 8th official issue… we’re closing in on being a year old… and we’re kind of starting to get the hang of this thing!

This particular summer really seems to have put us in the very bowels of hell… I feel like this has been the hottest, driest July that I can remember. The yard certainly agrees, I kind of wonder if it will ever be green again.
August is my official waterfall photography month. It is THE month when we are the most likely guaranteed to have a hot, sunny day on any given day of the month. So when I chose my featured model this month, I wanted someone who could pull off the look I was going for. I reached out to a few people… and in the end Sandra answered my call, enthusiastically! (Actually several people answered my call… but I had a certain look I was going for, and she fit it best… not to worry for the rest of you that answered my call… you are on my list for future concepts!)

The shoot was amazing… and she handled the chilly water so well, but after an hour and a half it was time to pull her out of the water, cold and shivering. The images we got are amazing… some of my most favorites. This was Sandra’s first shoot and the effort she brought was an example to all models. I’m excited to share these with you. Did you know if you visit my Lovelines website you can get a link to where you can see more from this set, as well as some outtakes? It’s a fun little treat that I have for you just for being a fan. Speaking of being a fan, did you know that you can meet our Featured Model at the Club Privata and Sanctuary First Thursday Art Opening Gala’s? We always visit the gallery openings with our Featured Model and a bag full of printed copies in tow. Come meet Sandra, and get your own copy of the magazine.. She will even autograph it for you.

We have a new Artist Spotlight featured artist for you! I had the opportunity to sit down with local photographer Jason Savage to talk to him about his craft, and about his exciting project of 2 years he’s just wrapped up called “Stripping Out Loud”. It is an exclusive set of trading cards featuring 69 exotic dancers from all over the Portland area.

I’m super excited for you to meet Kitty Chambliss whom in addition to being a relationship coach specializing in polyamory and ethical non-monogamous relationships, also hosts a blog and podcast show called Loving Without Boundaries! We’ve been Facebook friends for a long time, chatted way back in the day about coming onto our now defunct podcast, but just couldn’t put it together… we had even discussed doing a photo shoot with her years ago.

She has been on my list of interviewees for awhile now, and when I found out that she was going to be in Portland, I pounced on the opportunity to meet her face to face. She’s a very unique and amazing person… I very much identify with her way of thinking. I’m excited to not only feature her interview in this magazine, but it sounds like she might contribute an article for us once in awhile in the future.

Speaking of contributors… we’re doing a bit of shuffling here… re-organizing some columns and writers; you’ll probably notice the difference. Writing for something like this is a tough gig to maintain for any length of time, especially when it is all volunteer. The writers and editors work very hard to help produce the content you read here. If you see them out and about, be sure to show your appreciation… you’d be amazed at what you’re words of recognition and praise will do to make it all worthwhile. We believe in this… we hope you’re loving what we’re doing, and we love hearing it.

We’re also looking for more contributors. The Poly101 column has become a “pool” column in that I’m looking for writers to contribute to a pool of articles that we will pull from each month. Do you have a theory of polyamory you’d like to share? Maybe you’re a swinger, or a kinkster, or LGBTQ and want to write about what YOU’RE passionate about? That’s ok too… write it, we’ll take a look at it and if it works with what we’re doing, we will schedule it to be published. Write it out… 1200 words or less, and send it in to me… we will take a look at it. For any writer who contributes an article that is published, you receive a free copy of the issue that you’re published in.

Do you own a business that caters to our diverse community? We’re kicking off an advertising special that you may want to consider being a part of. If you subscribe to advertising on our newsblog, you have the option of sending us graphics that we can publish in the magazine on a “space available” basis. These would need to be generic “default” kind of ads because we never know when we will be needing them or using them. Sometimes we just need to fill some space, a quarter page, half page, or sometimes even a full page. Having a folder full of “space available” graphics allows us to grab what we need to fill our pages. Of course, if you have something specialized that you’d like to advertise for, something with guaranteed space, we’d love to talk to you!

Are you a group organizer, or a club owner and would like to have your events show up on our community calendar? Did you know you can now add them yourself! All you have to do is visit the calendar page on our site and click the link to add your event. Its super easy and straightforward. The only requirements we have is that your event be a public (non-selective) event… and that it is local to the greater Portland, OR area. We want our calendar to be a one-stop-shop of events for our local community. Sort of a “place to go” to see what’s going on… all events posted in our calendar get sent out in our weekly newsletter so people can plan their weekends out accordingly… if you’ve not seen the calendar yet, I would urge you to check it out!

We hope you’re enjoying this little thing we’ve got going on…we sure enjoy creating it for you!
Hope you’re having a fantastic summer…

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