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Artist Spotlight – Luna Sagemeadow


L.A. by L.A. “Larry” Iversen

Consider the essence of erotic fine art… For the sake of argument, let’s define this as a type of fine art which employs sexual imagery in order to create a sexually pleasing aesthetic reaction in the viewer. Or if the word “sexual” seems a bit strong, perhaps “sensual” may serve as well.

This is to simply make it clear that, as far as this column is concerned, we tend to showcase “erotica” (a shorthand term which may be used interchangeably with “erotic fine art” — again, at least in terms of this column) as differentiated from other types of art; types which may be unrelated to sexuality; which may employ sexual content for other purposes (such as an ideological statement or protest art); or which may employ ostensibly NON-sexual content in order to invoke a sexual response or interpretation (something we may tentatively describe as “kinky” art, perhaps…?).

Creating erotica comes with certain unique challenges. Overthink the poses and the work risks losing its immediacy and authenticity, the models becoming little more than props. Simply let a scene unfold and record everything, and the results may tend toward the tawdry or just plain prurient. Somewhere in between lies a proverbial “sweet spot” where the careful artist can find a window into something intimate and transcendent. This is where we find our October spotlight artist Luna.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s one person or if it’s multiple people, my theme is is that I want to capture their intimacy … and when they see the images, if it’s a couple, I want them to see that, y’know? And same thing if it’s one person, I want them to see… how great they look, or whatever feelings they have in it… I want to relay that.”

Luna believes in authenticity and honesty in every phase of her life. She is the proud mother of two children she loves dearly. As a single mom, she’s determined to bring them up in a healthy, ethical way. She and her former partner approached their children honestly about the open nature of their relationship and the polyamorous partners they were involved with.

“I don’t necessarily believe in ‘coming out’ … whether or not you’re straight, gay, bi, or you’re a boy and then you wanna be a girl or whatever, … that’s just who you are and you should always … want to feel safe in that environment to say so, and I think for a parent to do that with their kids, that’s how you’re going to teach your kids that. If all parents do that to their kids now, that’s just gonna raise a society that it’s not gonna be necessary to ‘come out’ anymore.”

Luna also identified as a bottom and a pet for many years, but she continues to evolve. “I dibble and dabble in all of it. … I’m not a pet any longer [and] I’m not just a bottom anymore; I’m a full switch, so I bottom and I top. I’m also a little, and I’m poly.” Even now as she explores more of her switch side, she’s open with her children throughout her journey. “I came out in BDSM too. I enjoy rope so at the time, my … daughter questioned the suspension unit in the house — to her it was part of a gymnasium thing.”

Artist Luna has been creating photographic fine art for several years now. She originally got involved with photography growing up in eastern Washington. When she moved to our side of the state, Luna studied online to learn photography formally. As she became more and more active in the poly community, her interest in photographing people inevitably led her into more erotic subject matter. Soon she had a presentable portfolio of erotic photography, which led to her first public exhibition at Club Privata last winter.

In 2015, Luna’s desire to find more opportunities in the kink world led her to investigate the club scene. “I got involved in the club [Velvet Rope] because I wanted to do more risqué photography.” First attending and then later volunteering at The Velvet Rope, Luna found herself surrounded simultaneously by intriguing new subject matter, a wealth of interested models, a facility where she could shoot, and a demand for her talents.

At the outset, Luna’s approach was like most photographers — she would imagine a scene she wanted to shoot, find a willing participant, and then direct them in the poses she wanted to see. However, as Luna’s opportunities began to diversify, she found herself more drawn to the intimacy and energy that came from shooting couples and other group subjects familiar to her from the poly and kink communities that she fostered around herself.

In her quest to capture a more natural intimacy, Luna has moved from a style more on the posed/staged side to more of a “documentary” approach. “Instead of me posing them, I’m gonna have to work around them just doing their thing, and making sure I get shots that I want to get that isn’t … impeding on the sexual events.” In the future she’s contemplating shooting a gang-bang scene, as well as an all-girl scene. The images we are pleased to present here this month spotlight Luna’s growth throughout her artist development.

Connect with the Artist
Fetlife: Luna_Sagemeadow

Instagram: Lunasagemeadow

You can take a visual tour of some of Luna’s favorite works in our online magazine absolutely free! Click here to view the issue which her article is published. 

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