Artist Spotlight Feature

Every month we will feature an artist in our Artist Spotlight Series.  Any artist whose work delves into the sexier realm who would like to show their work in an article in our magazine (sort of an online gallery of sorts)  we would like to talk to you and consider your work.  We give particular consideration to members of our local community but will not rule out anyone… as long as your work meets the criteria.. and meets our quality standard (tbd by our editors) then you are eligible.  Give it a shot… we would love to talk to you.

Content Criteria

We want creative and artistic work depicted in our magazine, and while we want to encourage creativity and a liberal freedom to express yourself, we also have to consider ALL of our readers, so we have to place some criteria to keep the content safe for most of our viewers.  Please consider the following…

  • Nudity is acceptable including bare breasts, penis (flaccid or erect), and butts.
  • Images that depict sexual acts whether real or simulated are acceptable to a point. Any image that depicts insertion will not be accepted.
  • No blood, no piss, no scat
  • No images that depict ANYONE underage – Age Verification documentation is required.
  • Simulated Rape or humiliation will be reviewed on a case by case basis…

What is the process?

We will meet with you in person or via online meeting and discuss you, your history, and your work. Your feature is as much about YOU as it is your work.  We will ask you to contribute approximately 8 pieces. Images MUST be high resolution minimum of 3000px on the shortest side.  Our magazine is primarily online but we also sell printed copies and quality deteriorates significantly if the images have to be enlarged to fit our format. Original sized, unmarked, JPG or TIFF images are preferred. All images will be attributed to you, with trackback links to your site where possible.  Your  article will also identify you as the creator of the images and contact info is a part of every Artist Spotlight series… its about promoting YOU!

We will ask you to “tell the story” of each piece… it might be something fun or funny about creating the piece, it might be about some of the challenges you faced, or it might be about the story you are trying to tell with the image or the inspiration for the image. These do not need to be long or detailed, in fact we would prefer they be around 200-300 words give or take.

If you would like to participate in this, we would be interested in talking to you. Please fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About you...

About your art...