Are You Eligible for a Free or Reduced Price Copy?

We depend on people from our community to help make the magazine the collection of relevant articles and topics that it has become. While we cannot PAY our contributors, we do offer a complimentary copy for any issue in which they have published content that meets the following criteria:
• A writer whose article has been published that equals 750 words or more in any one issue. (we must limit one copy per person and one copy per article on co-written articles)
• A photographer or artist who has more than 3 published images in any one issue.
• Our Temptations of the Month (limit one copy)
• Our Artist Spotlight Artist

We are no longer offering complimentary copies to businesses or people we are promoting through Interviews and articles.

Please understand, complimentary copies are an expense for us, and shipping adds to that expense by more than double. As such we do NOT offer free shipping with your complimentary copy. We will have your copy available for you to pick up at the next First Thursday Art Show Opening at Club Privata, other than that YOU must make arrangements for pickup, or shipping within 60 days of publication or we will add your copy back into inventory.

Please give us the following information so that we can ensure that your copy is reserved for you. You can also use this form to see if you’re eligible for a free copy or to put yourself on the list to get a printed copy at reduced price.

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