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April 2019 – The Kink Issue

Before I go on… I must warn you… This issue contains stories and graphic imagery that may trigger some people. If you are sensitive to violence, or have issues with physical abuse, infliction of pain, etc… You may have a hard time with this issue. If you choose to go beyond this point… please go with it in mind that ALL of the situations you will read, are all negotiated and carried out safely, and with consent.  Yes, there is pain involved in some of them, and yes, sometimes marks, bruises, and bumps happen… it’s part of the dynamic, and the thrill for those who engage in it. Our annual kink issue serves to educate, and to make you aware of people’s kinks and fetishes, so that they may not be viewed so harshly. We hope that through this issue you will gain a better understanding of what these people gain through their lifestyle choices.

Putting together our Kink issue has been nothing if not interesting and exciting. Almost as exciting as the issue itself.  We very nearly came to a place where we didn’t have a Kink Temptation at all… the couple I had lined up, had suddenly ghosted me, and I found myself scrambling to find a replacement. (For the life of me, I don’t know why this happens so frequently.) This led to a frustrating casting call where we would get some responses, only to have people then not reply to us. The couple we ended up with, originally said they couldn’t do it unless we hid their identities, and indeed, as we encountered others, their responses were the same.  We have come to realize that Kink/BDSM is a step a bit further into the taboo, and so the people who engage in that lifestyle have to hide a bit further in the closet… especially those who have professional jobs and lives they cannot risk.

So this month marks an anomaly… You won’t see our Temptations faces, but you will hear their stories, and see some very interesting imagery. This imagery is real… It is very much this couple’s dynamic on a frequent, if not daily basis. Not only have I not written ANY content for this month’s issue, I didn’t even write the Temptations story. The submissive of the couple, Sweetness, wrote it herself… She’s an incredible writer!

Interestingly… almost none of our regular writers have contributed content this month. Chrissy Cooper and myself have not contributed any content. We have some incredible, reader contributed stories in addition to the Temptation Article, that Sweetness has put together. Sweet Queen contributed her first article this month with an article that serves as a great article for Newbies.

Image Courtesy of Kuznechik/

Marilynn Belle sent in an article called Subspace Yoga that is about a Submissive who is struggling to align her different identities; Slave, Submissive, Little, and Brat, and was struggling to transition between them. Her Dom helps her use yoga style positions to help her identify with her different mindsets. It’s a very well written, albeit a bit graphic, but a good article to help us identify the self struggles some submissives endure.

Image courtesy of Lovelines

We have taken on Pacific Northwest Polyamory group to manage our Poly Column, which they have renamed Polyamory: Get Your Heart On. Monsuta and Bella Marie, and the folks from that group will be contributing regular content that is concise and fitting for our poly friends. This month, in keeping with the Kink theme, they have provided some insight into their personal realm, and how they deal with the complexities of being poly, while also adding the complexities of the DD/lg dynamic.

Image courtesy of Mona Darling

April Darling sits down with Mistress Viola for an intimate chat about all things in the life of our favorite FemDom, where she talks about her work to educate and create awareness, as well as her new space, that she and her business partner call Sub Rosa. It’s a great interview you won’t want to miss!

The Mistress by Johnny Flamethrower

Larry Iversen gives us a sneak peek into the Dirty Little Secrets Gallery which is a collection of works by various artists and will be on display at Kinkfest. Get a little background information about the show as well as a little bio info about a few of the artists that will be showing there. There is some fantastic art that will be on display, we’re excited to be able to share a little of it with you in our April issue.

Image courtesy of Lovelines

One of the most fun articles this month was the one written by Ellie Love. Amongst all of the pain and torture and domination in this issue, hers is a little gem of an innocent fetish we used to engage in. The best part of the article are the classic Ellie images I’ve dug out of the archives… we’re talking 12 years ago. That article alone is worth the price of this issue.   

I hope you enjoy this little peek into the dark depths of our Kink/BDSM community, and I hope it inspires you to take a little step out of your comfort zone… Who knows, maybe you’ll find some yummy, magical desire you didn’t know you had… And if you do, I can recommend a few people who can help you explore it!

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