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A Romantic Dinner at the Beach


Romantic Dinner at the Beach

EllieLove By Ellie Love

February, the month of love. Although I am a firm believer that one day does not show love, it is something that has to be shown all year long. That being said, it is nice to do something special for your love on Valentines. A little extra appreciation always goes a long way.

On the note of “love should be shown all year,” I got a trip to the beach for Christmas/birthday this year. The beach is the place where I find my center and inner peace. There is something about the sound of the waves, wind in your hair, salty air in your lungs, that brings the world back into focus. And I never get there often enough. So this was THE best present!

While we were making our plans for what we would do while we were there, I decided we needed a romantic dinner for the two of us. And I wanted to make it. Since we were going to be at the beach it of course needed to be seafood! I mean what could be better than fresh crab??!! Or clams!! Or shrimp!! So many choices!

The morning that I was going to make dinner arrived bright and clear, with almost no wind. We could not have asked for a better day in mid-January on the Oregon coast. So, we decided to make a grand adventure on the day. We went to Barnacle Bill’s, in Lincoln City, to get our fresh seafood; we had decided on crab. But once we got there they also had fresh manilla clams and huge prawns! I of course had no self control. I got 5 crab, 3 pounds of clams, and 8 prawns… yes… this was for just the two of us. We then made a quick stop at the grocery store for a bottle of Riesling to go with all of this yummy seafood. I was ready! But when we got back to the condo that we were staying in we found that there were no wine glasses; this would not do! So, lucky for me there is a Goodwill in Lincoln City, so off we went to find wine glasses. With glasses in hand and the most self control I have ever used in a Goodwill, we were headed back to the condo in 10 minutes.

Now that we are set to go, we work on dinner together. Bumping butts and laughing in the tiny little kitchen. It’s been a while since our crazy schedules have allotted time for cooking and carrying on like this together. It makes these times even more special.

Our final menu looks like this:

Dungeness crab

Garlic and wine steamed clams

Garlic butter sauteed prawns

Roasted baby yukon gold potatoes

Bacon wrapped asparagus

Michael soft cooked bacon and wrapped it around the asparagus while I got the potatoes ready and in the oven and peeled the prawns.

There are no specific recipes this month but this is how we achieved the meal that we created.

Dungeness crab: steamed until hot, served with melted butter.

Garlic and wine steamed clam: sauteed minced garlic in butter, added a cup of wine and water, put clams in steamer basket and cooked until the shells opened, about 10 minutes.

Garlic butter sauteed prawns: peel prawns, leaving the tail on. Melt butter over medium heat, saute garlic until soft, add prawns cooking on each side for about 2-3 minutes.

Roasted baby yukon gold potatoes: in a bowl combine potatoes, oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic. Stir to coat, place on cookie sheet and in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes or until soft.

Bacon wrapped asparagus: soft cook the bacon. Trim the asparagus. Wrap a slice of bacon around 3 spears of asparagus. Place on cookie sheet and in the oven at 400 for about 15 to 20 minutes, when asparagus is done and bacon is crispy.

Showing the love all year long can often times be as simple as bumping butts and laughing while you cook a meal together.


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