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A Christmas Fantasy…

by Rain Dancer

It’s Zoie’s first Christmas without Skyler. He was on business in New York through New Year’s. The kids were in bed and she sat staring at the pile of presents waiting to be wrapped, sipping a glass of wine. Thinking about the Christmas party she went to earlier in the week.

Everyone was dressed in sexy elf and Santa costumes. Some barely covered anything at all. They were all nice and welcoming, complimenting every feature along the way. Sure it helped that her and Sky came as Mr. and Mrs. Kinky Claus with red leather instead of felt with fuzzy white restraints.

What really stands out to Zoie is the Santa Claus that was giving out gifts to the “naughty boys and girls” that sat on his lap. This was no regular Santa with the white hair, belly and beard. He was olive in complexion with a long dark braid going down past his perfectly shaped ass, Santa outfit made up of fuzzy red shorts with white trim, a matching hat and green suspenders attached to the shorts.

When Zoie sat on Santa’s lap he smelled of pine and cinnamon. His chest was perfectly trimmed with soft dark hairs covering bulging pecs. “Have you been naughty this year Mrs. Kinky Claus?” he asked her seductively. Bright green eyes waiting for her response.

She whispered in his ear “I’ve been sleeping with my neighbors.”

“All of your neighbors?” he asked, surprised.

“Well no, not all of them. Nate and Megan from next door” she responded.

Santa reached in his giant sack full of presents and handed her a gift. He said “call me after you get to use it for the first time, I love getting feedback” and handed me his card. “Sexy Rexy” was what the card said his name was and he was the “People Pleaser” for a sex toy party company.

Between thinking about her play session with Nate and Megan and now sitting on this beautiful creature’s naturally bulging crotch, she couldn’t stop from soaking her panties. She shifted a bit realizing that she was going to get his shorts wet and he leaned over to breath her in. As if he knew exactly why she was shifting and was reveling in the scent of her wet pussy. Blushing, she stood up and revealed that Santa was enjoying her more than she had thought.

He motioned for Zoie to come back to his lap, looking over at Skyler assumingly for approval. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the devious and enthusiastic nod of her husband. There’s no way he didn’t see the massive erection in Santa’s shorts.

She didn’t hide her excitement very well when she straddled Santa, whispering in his ear “I can think of plenty of naughty things I could do to you Sexy Rexy” and grinding her wet panties against his growing erection. “Dear God it gets bigger!?” she blurts out louder than she intended causing her to look back to Sky just to see him smiling and watching, now accompanied by Nate from next door.

Santa’s erection twitched between her thighs pressing against her soaked panties, drawing her attention back to him. “What’s the first thing that comes to mind?” he asks as he grabs both of her hips to pull her against him harder.

She presses her body against him leaning into his neck. “I want a taste of you” she whispered before slowly licking the edge of his ear. “I want to feel that big cock pulsing inside my tight, wet pussy” she purred while grinding her slit against the swollen head of his penis, pushing her panties between her soaked lips. “You want to touch my pussy, Santa?” she asked playfully.

Pushing her panties further inside her, he growled “I want to watch you cum on my cock just like this!” his shorts completely drenched with her juices. “I can feel how tight that little box is, I want to feel it squeeze my head like a vice.” His voice deep and soothing “you want to cum on that cock naughty girl?”

She did want to cum right then and there! She looked back to Sky and Nate and they had been joined by a half dozen other partygoers. She got shy and shifted her hips away from Santa’s delicious prick, wondering if she was okay with all of these people watching her.

Realizing her discomfort with the audience Santa lifted her off his lap and bent her over his knee. His erection now pressed against her belly. “That’s definitely some naughtiness worth a punishment my dear” he cooed at her. “Megan” he motioned to her, “come help me teach Mrs. Kinky Claus what naughty girls get for teasing Santa.”

Megan was in the growing crowd watching and didn’t hesitate for a second when summoned. “What can I do to help Santa?” she almost squealed scrambling over to them.

“Tie her hands and knees to the chair” he demanded “she even brought us restraints,” motioning to the fuzzy white restraints on her wrists and thighs.

Her bright blue eyes met Zoie’s. The grin on her face was priceless as she tied Zoie to the chair with the same restraints that were used on her recently.

Santa kept one hand on her back holding her in place while she was bound to the chair, his shaft still pulsing against her stomach. He started rubbing each cheek softly, feeling every curve. Reaching between them and dragging a finger across her swollen lips. “That’s right naughty girl, Santa wants that sweet pussy you’re teasing me with” he exclaimed.

The first few slaps were light and playful. He started smacking harder and harder, switching cheeks every few strikes. There was a pause and Megan reappeared with a blindfold. The darkness behind that blindfold was surprising. Then Zoie felt a much smaller hand rubbing her burning cheeks assuming it was Megan. “You like being on display don’t you?” whispered Megan from the other side of her.

“Mmmmmm” was all she could get out before the unknown hand came down harder than any that Santa had done. One on each side equally painful. She took it as if it was nothing more than a playful pat.

Santa rubbed each cheek, helping the sting subside. “You ready to take your punishment now?” he chuckled. One by one he taught each person at the party the “proper” way to administer punishment. Zoie thought she knew when Skyler had taken a turn…

Until he stepped into her. When he pressed against her raw skin she could tell it was him. The way he rubbed her sore ass as he teased her along her panty line, running his fingers just under the edge of them, leading to a few gentle pinches and a nice swat between her cheeks. Landing perfectly on her swollen pussy.

Her hands were untied, followed by her legs and she was lifted back onto Santa’s lap by at least 4 pairs of hand if not more. She was so shocked by what was happening it all became a blur. Her body was on fire and aching for a release. She wanted to be filled. To cum so hard knowing that everyone was watching her in anticipation, rooting her on.

Santa no longer has his shorts on. She didn’t remember him taking them off but she could feel the bare skin of his cock poking at the panties still inside her. Sky moved them aside and whispered softly in her ear “you ready for this baby? Everyone in the house is eager to watch you cum.”

All she could do was moan and nod… when she tried to speak, the only coherent word she spoke was “pleeeaaassse.”

Santa’s raging hard cock was perfectly aligned with her pussy. He thrust it inside her, filling her so quickly that she yelped in surprise, Skyler holding her hips so she couldn’t pull away. She felt him start rubbing the head of his cock against her ass.

Zoie could feel lube dripping between her cheeks and Skyler rubbing it around her anus. Slowly he worked the head of his penis inside her. Still filled with Santa’s huge cock she couldn’t stay quiet any longer. She let out the loudest moan she could remember and started begging for them to fuck her!

No one else mattered at that point because she was finally getting her fantasy fulfilled. Finally getting fucked by two cocks at once! She screamed and bucked like a feral cat. Inch by slow inch she took both of them inside her, screaming in delight with every thrust they made.

She could feel the pulsing of Santa’s cock first. Was he going to cum before her, even with so much stimulation? That question was answered quickly when his pace hastened with Skyler matching rhythm. She couldn’t hold it back any longer. Her orgasm flooded the room with screams. She had never felt so intensely overwhelmed by pleasure!

As Zoie was throbbing in her orgasm both Santa and Sky started cumming inside her! In a heap of grunts and screams, each of them slowed pace as their orgasms subsided. She could feel the hot cum oozing from her when they pulled out and cradled her spent body.

Zoie was ripped from the memory of that amazing night by a knock at the door. Who could be there so late on Christmas Eve? Scrambling to the door she saw a familiar face peering in. “Perfect timing” she thought to herself…

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